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As an option for those who would like me to minister along with their church music department on a Sunday, I would like to offer a mini-training & ministry option, on a day deter­mined before I min­is­ter at your church or for your event. (Typically on Friday or Saturday prior to a Sunday service.)

During this time together I will be available to observe your choir, band or worship team and offer some encouragement and training tips. This would include both musically technical instructions as well as teachings on spiritual concepts of praise, worship and the role of those who lead the body of Christ with their musical gifts.

This is not meant to be a seminar but rather an interactive rehearsal with musical and spiritual benefits of growth. This would be customized specifically for your church music department and according to the time available.

If time permits, this would be an opportunity to rehearse songs to perform together and possibly for the band and vocal team to learn one at least 1 new song.  The following day for the Sun­day service, we would intro­duce the new song to the con­gre­ga­tion and I would be avail­able to min­is­ter in your week­end service.

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