The 2018 Japan Mission is coming up soon!

March 16 – April 16

The first event will be in the Tokyo area for the Japan Gospel Choirs Fellowship Concert 2018.  I am so honored to be an invited guest for this special time with Gospel choirs from around Japan.  I have received invitations from all over Japan this year and look forward to returning to many areas that I have not been since 2011 such as Sendai, Tokyo and Kanazawa.

As you can see, this mission will be 1 month long (and possibly a few days longer depending on the invitations that keep coming in!)  Your help is needed to make this mission possible.

Please consider a donation to the Mission and Recording for this mission.   DONATE NOW!

Date: March 16, 2018—April 16, 2018
Event: Japan Mission 2018
Topic: Japan Gospel Music Mission
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