ISRAEL Missions trips

Israel Ministry 2013 & 2014

God has blessed me by sending me to Israel for the past 2 years.

I have desired to go to Israel for many years but I wanted to be able to go in some capacity that was more than simply a “tourist”.  The door opened for me in June of 2013 to go with my friends Frank & Sandra Young from Houston, TX.  They have been leading tours to Israel for several years now and have established a wonderful relationship with some of the Arab Christian Churches as well as a Messianic Church.  This trip was an amazing opportunity for me to see this beautiful land as well as minister in these churches & make God-planned connections with those doing ministry in Israel.

I am so thankful for divine appointments and relationships that were established while I was there. I pray that as doors  continue to open for me to share in musical worship that the Holy Spirit would fill each place and prepare hearts to hear the Gospel.

If you can make a donation toward the on-going ministry in Israel, please click on the donate link below.  Donations made with a specific notation of “Israel” will be used ONLY for specific mission trips to Israel and for offering/donations to our ministry partners in Israel.   

Hand of Love Association

The Great Commission Church – Shefar’am

The Jewish Agency for Israel


Thank you for your continued prayers and support. I have seen God direct my steps and meet needs when nothing makes sense. I sincerely mean it when I say that I need your prayers more than your money. When God plans, He pays. I am praying first and always… then the provision comes and is ALWAYS in a way I did not expect. It’s possible that someone is reading this now that I don’t even know but God has spoken for them to support the missions efforts of VMM in Israel. Who knows! I just pray, believe and wait. God provides!

God – prepare the way! Let the doors open in Israel for the Gospel to be shared and hearts to be open to hear. Your desire is that not one would be lost. Let that mission begin in YOUR land, Israel.


If you are interested in traveling to Israel with Vanessa Maddoux Ministries, you can review one of the previous itineraries and see some of the highlights of a touring/ministry trip.  Contact for more information about future trips!


JUNE 5/6 DEPART Nashville and travel to Tel Aviv, Israel

JUNE 8 – Drive to Mt of Olives and view Jerusalem & the Temple Mt. plus touring a few sites

JUNE 9 –  touring Holy Sites

JUNE 10 –  touring the desert:  Masada, the Dead Sea and Qumram

JUNE 11 –  touring Jerusalem including the old city

JUNE 12 – travel to Tiberius to see Galilee area and Baptisms in Jordan

JUNE 13 – more sites around Galilee

JUNE 14 – Galilee and on to Haifa

JUNE 15 – 17 –  Ministering in the Haifa area (2 Arab Christian Churches and 1 Messianic)

JUNE 18 – head south back to Tel Aviv touring along the way

JUNE 19 – depart for the States

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