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I am believing for a great harvest of souls for JESUS in Asia!  We have an incredible opportunity to go into many restricted nations and bring both food for their bodies and food for their souls.  These people are broken and need healing and we can bring powerful healing through the one true living God.  In many areas of Asia, they are literally begging for people to come and teach them the Bible. There is no other name given among men that can bring salvation but the name of Jesus and we are so blessed to carry that name to those who have not heard and to carry the amazing TRUTHS of God’s word to those who are eager to learn.

Japan October 2016:  $6,000 NEED

1414959_1520894678215222_419859075143347382_oA return trip to Japan is planned for October 7-17, 2016.  This will be some music ministry & some relationship building with students in universities. I am honored to have my dear friend Sam Mayercik ministering with me on this mission.  We traveled to Japan together with the Christ Church team in 2012 and are so blessed to return together to share the love of Jesus with the Japanese people.

Funds received with a notation for “Japan” will be designated for this mission. For more information about this specific mission, you can request information at missions@vanessamaddoux.com

NEAsia November 2 – 16, 2016: $4000

Because of temporary restrictions in the region, we have been unable to travel back into some of this region as previously planned.  Thankfully the doors are opening once again and we are planning an official return trip scheduled for November 2016.  If you are interested in joining a SMALL team mission into this closed nation area, please contact me right away to submit an application for consideration for this very special mission.  I look forward to leading a team back into this region but the planning and team-prep is important and TIME to prepare is necessary.  FUNDS needed per-person for this trip will be minimum $3000. $2500 due by September 1.  Visa’s and other applications due by the end of September.

*$4000 goal includes funds for supplies needed to bring as donations in-country.

Hong Kong 2016: $3000 need

In 2014 we connected with a missionary, Joseph Woodard, based in Hong Kong doing a variety of missions work in Hong Kong, various areas of mainland China and northern Asia. Good Deeds Intl has supported project based needs related to his work during the past 2 years.  In 2016, we helped fund his efforts in leading the FIRST ever, pro-life organized movement in Hong Kong.  The 40 Days for Life campaign was a huge success and Joseph is continuing the work to unite Christian leaders, churches and volunteers to continue the campaign for LIFE in Hong Kong.

Click here for an update video:  40 Days for Life Campaign report 

A visit to Hong Kong to participate in the Pro-life prayer movement and help promote unity among believers for this movement is being planned for this fall.  Dates not set.

Please prayerfully consider helping to fund these missions into various Asian nations.

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