I wanted to record a short video today and share about some things God has been highlighting to me the past few days and even take you down memory lane a little bit with me.  I pray this encourages you!  If something suddenly comes to an end then there is also a suddenly NEXT ahead of you!

In praying for a new beginning realize that means somethings will come to an end. Don’t cry too long over those things that may be suddenly ending and catch you offguard. If you want to new beginnings… You got a live through some endings.

Enjoy this clip from a studio session for Geron Davis a few years ago… the project was for writer/arranger/artist, David Scott.
The entire cd turned out amazing and being a part of this incredible project coming together was a treat.

Singers on this session include: Shelton & Alyson Lovern, Jenn Helvering, Christopher Phillips, Becky Davis, Gerica Davis, Leslie Scott, Gayle Mayes, and Geron Davis directing.

Check out David Scott’s facebook page for information on how to purchase this great cd!

THANK YOU Instruments of Joy

for the donation of a Yamaha Acoustic Guitar to The Great Commission Church in Shefar’am, Israel, Pastor Marwan Beem.  This guitar will be used to the glory of God.

Since the beginning of 2014, through this partnership with Instruments of Joy, Vanessa Maddoux Ministries/Good Deeds International has been able to deliver three guitars to Christian missions around the world!


For more information about how to partner and become an advocate with Instruments of Joy, visit: http://www.instrumentsofjoy.org/advocates/